Cold brew coffee with added electrolytes and antioxidants
cold brew coffee with coconut water and maple waterEnergy Plus Hydration

Six Pack Sampler


We blended coconut water and maple water with cold brew coffee. Why? Because we wanted more out of our coffee, and each can has as much Caffeine as two cups of coffee and more potassium than a banana! That's it, all the benefits with only two simple ingredients.

The Coconut Water cold brew has a bold black coffee taste, while the Maple Water cold brew has a light, smooth taste, and a hint of natural sweetness.

What's inside? 
Number of cans6
Maple Water Caffeine200mg
Coconut Water Caffeine240mg
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Coconut water is naturally infused with electrolytes to avoid the dehydrating effects of average coffee

Prepare for Liftoff

Kickstart your day with 240mg of clean caffeine without the afternoon crash

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Maple water is naturally rich in antioxidants which helps reduce inflammation and stress


Skip the jitters and sugar crash, each can has 200mg of caffeine to power you through the day

electrolyte infused cold brew with coconut water

Why Coconut Water?

  • Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Blended with cold brew, it adds a natural hint of sweetness along with the great hydrating benefits to keep you going without the crash.

  • 570mg Potassium
  • 240mg Caffeine

Why Maple Water?

  • Maple water is the sap that comes directly from maple trees. In the spring, the trees pull water from the ground, which gets filtered through the roots and collects all the nutrients naturally stored in the tree. Similar to coconut water, maple water has a natural sweetness and it contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. When blended with cold brew, maple water creates a naturally smooth and refreshing coffee with extra benefits.
  • 355mg Potassium
  • 200mg Caffeine
antioxidant infused cold brew with maple water