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What's Fueling You?

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Coffee is already 98% water, so why not utilize that water to create a more functional coffee? Loco’s Original flavor combines cold brew with coconut water to add electrolytes and a natural hint of sweetness to a bold coffee taste. The Maple flavor combines cold brew with maple water to create an antioxidant infused coffee with a smooth, slightly sweet taste. Both flavors have just two simple ingredients and no added sugar. It’s time to feel good about your everyday coffee!

Maple water is the sap that comes directly from maple trees. The maple sap appears just like regular water, but it is actually infused with nutrients from the tree. In the spring, the trees pull water from the ground. It then gets filtered through the roots and collects all the nutrients naturally stored in the tree. Similar to coconut water, maple water has a natural sweetness and it contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

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