Oat Milk Latte Variety Pack - Loco Coffee
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Oat Milk Latte Variety Pack

Try all 3 new flavors with this indulgent latte variety pack.
  • 12 Pack
  • 24 Pack

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Try a case of each flavor and save on your order.
  • Save over $6 per case

  • Try All 3 Indulgent Flavors

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New Taste

Violently Tasty

Dessert flavored oat milk lattes? Sure thing skippy. It sounds crazy, but trust us you'll want to try these.
All the flavor without the sugar

Electric Flavor

The time has come for a deliciously indulgent coffee without all that B.S. added. These lattes don't have any of those crazy functional ingredients, and they certainly don't have all the sugar. Just a damn good coffee.

Crush em all