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What people are saying

“The cold brew was very fresh tasting, smooth, and had a bold flavor. After the cold brew taste, a bit of sweetness rolled over my taste buds. Then the coconut water flavor hit. It was just as refreshing as drinking coconut water from a coconut on a deserted island in the Bahamas.”

Zach G.

“Awesome in every way. Major caffeine effects, lingering for hours than tapering off softly. No midday crash, tastes crisp and bright. Definitely a great product; I’ve tried another maple coffee product (which led me to find this on amazon) both are good but the flavor of this is even better”

Trisha J.

“Seriously the best cold brew out there! Unlike most, Loco Coffee isn't sweet, doesn't contain cream, and it’s not filled with sugar.  Doesn't make me crash and burn a few hours later either. This stuff is so refreshing and my new go to coffee!”

Candace M.

“Love these! Very strong plus a tasty dose of electrolytes. The perfect combo in my book...”


“I have tried numerous cold brew coffee and this ranks at the top. the fact that it's Gluten & Dairy Free...SO GOOD!”

Ben D.

A twelve ounce can, poured over ice with some milk is almost the same size as a Venti Starbucks coffee. So for less than $3 per serving, you really can't beat it. I've re-ordered several times. Great product.”