We aren’t into the sugary milkshake coffees, but we also aren’t coffee snobs that will tell you we handpicked each bean ourselves. We’re normal guys that wanted a better for you, great tasting coffee that people can feel good about drinking.

Two Simple Ingredients

Clean Energy

Natural Electrolytes and Antioxidants

No Added Sugar

Dinosaurs had no coffee and we all know how that turned out

“There has to be a better coffee that doesn’t make you feel like sh*t. Any interest in starting a beverage company?” -Dan to Sean via 1am text

Real coffee,
real benefits,
no B.S.

What they’re saying

“Love these! Very strong plus a tasty dose of electrolytes. The perfect combo in my book...”


“I have tried numerous cold brew coffee and this ranks at the top. the fact that it's Gluten & Dairy Free...SO GOOD!”

-Ben D

“A twelve ounce can, poured over ice with some milk is almost the same size as a Venti Starbucks coffee. So for less than $3 per serving, you really can't beat it. I've re-ordered several times. Great product.”

- VT