Back in 2019 we were selected to present to Barstool Sports on their new Shark Tank style pitch show, Barstool Big Brain. We were obviously aware of Shark Tank, and being from Boston we had been following Barstool for a while. We thought it was an awesome opportunity, but had NO clue what to expect. When we found out we were pitching to Barstool CEO Erika Nardini, Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy, Vitamin Water & Body Armor Founder Mike Repole, and the “Shut It Down” man himself Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

We arrived around 9:00am at the studio in Manhattan and were greeted by a group of 3 enraged gentlemen walking out the door who told us “Don’t even bother. Taffer Sucks. It’s only for entertainment and they just rip you apart.” …Okay…Good start. Our taping was supposed to be at 11am, but things just kept getting better…. we were sitting in the green room until it was finally our turn at 9:30PM (for those not keeping count we sat there for 12 hours... TWELVE). Anyway, we were told “as soon as you open the door the show starts” and boy were they right. We walked in and there were about 10 cameras staring at us, ridiculously bright lights, an audience of people on the side, then us and the judges.

From then on, we pretty much blacked out and all we know is from the video. Walking out after, we were relieved. They didn’t invest, but they didn’t rip us to shreds either. Other than Dan mentioning Gatorade to the guy WHO STARTED BODY ARMOR, and Sean awkwardly staring at the cameras, we thought it went well.

Although we didn’t get what we had hoped for, it was an awesome experience, cool story to tell, and to this day, the thing we hear the most is “Oh, I saw you guys on Barstool.”